Day tour

Siena and San Gimignano

Tour Duration: 8 hours

Tour details:

Duration: 8 hr. approx

Your  professional driver will pick up you wherever you stay and enjoy a wonderful private excursion with Italy limos to visit some of the best Tuscan towns! Your first stop after a beatifull landscape one hour drive from Florence through the countryside is San Gimignano. A medieval Village in Tuscany, San Gimignano has a splendid skyline made up of 14 towers.
This 11th century town rises 334 meters above the Elsa Valley along the ancient “Via Francigena” on which traders and pilgrims going to Rome traveled. San Gimignano prospered considerably during this period thanks to this route and all the inns that were built along its way to accommodate these travelers. With prosperity, many patrons in San Gimignano were able to hire the best craftsmen and artists to magnificently decorate the churches and monasteries here. Dante Alighieri came to San Gimignano on May 8, 1300 as the Ambassador of the Guelph League in Tuscany. Today, San Gimignano’s important cultural and natural heritage have been recognized by UNESCO. 
 After San Gimignano  we'll proced to Siena.
 Once in Siena you'll immediately notice an ancient and mysterious atmosphere floating through the little, narrow streets and squares. You'll feel as if you've stepped backwards in time. Draped on its three hills, Siena is a very beautiful city to visit, a flamboyant medieval ensemble of places and towers cast in warm, brown, Siena-coloured bricks. 
Its soaring skyline is its pride, dominated by the gothic cathedral (Duomo) and the taut needle of the Torre del Mangia and yet the Siena shell shaped Piazza del Campo, probably captures the most attention and fame. It has been seen in films, photographs, and advertising campaigns. The bricks cover the sweetly sloping land underneath and are witness to many events in history, but the most intriguing is the "Palio" horserace, one of the most important things in the life of a Siena native. In the piazza on 2 July and 16 August there is a bareback horse race that was first recorded in 1283, but may have had its origins in Roman military training. On those days mayhem takes over this small town and non-natives can observe local patriotism at its best and worst. Any and everything will be done passionately to bring home the prize. The prize is the "Palio," a banner to be shown off with pride for the whole neighborhood it represents. The duomo (1136 - 1382) is one of the most spectacular in ITALY and one of the few to have been built south of the Alps in full gothic style. In 1339, the Sienese decided to build a new nave to the south with the aim of making the biggest church in Christendom. This plan come to nothing when plague hit the city, killing off much of the population. The uncompleted nave now contains a museum of Gothic sculpture.  Before you leave Don't MISS  PIAZZA DEL CAMPO, PALAZZO PUBLICO, FONTE GAIA, TORRE DEL MANGIA, CATHEDRAL AND SAN