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Paestum Tour

Tour Duration: 8 hours

Tour details:

Duration: 8 hr. approx

Another important archeological site in Campania Regioni is Paestum located in the Salerno Area.

Paestum was a Greek city and you can admire: The Tample of Hera, the temple of Athena, the famous painted tombs among which is the famous Tomb of Diver. A lot of vases, kraters, figures, statues and decorations of the temple that depict mythological scenes are preserved in the Paestum Archaeological Museum.

Paestum is also famous for the culinary tradition of the Buffalo Mozzarella appreciated all over the world. This our Paestum day tour, will end with a visit of a typical cheese factory where you can buy the mozzarella and see how this product is made.